We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue & Shelter located in Charlotte, N.C.  We were established in 2015, although as a family, we have been rescuing animals for many years.  Tommy and Chrissy decided in 2016 that they wanted to be able to expand their impact on the community.  Tiger Tom Pistone donated a warehouse for the rescue's use.  After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it was renovated and passed inspection.  It is currently a licensed private no-kill shelter.


We are dedicated to rescuing, sheltering and re-homing animals in need. We have a special love for Pit Bulls.  We have owned and cherished this breed since 1989. They are one of the most misunderstood breeds in the world.  We rescue all breeds of dogs, as well as cats. We thrive on supporting and helping our community. We rescue animals that are seriously in need.


We do not discriminate, we are here for them all and we are here for you too. 


Fredo Helping PAWS In Need Animal Rescue Inc. does however reserve the right to refuse to work with certain shelters, organizations or individuals based on prior experience as the Officers of the company deem necessary.  These unfortunate situations are very few. However we have learned in some cases that there are situations where it is futile to attempt to rescue in certain areas or with certain organizations that we have learned through experience may not have the animal's best interest in mind or where certain state laws rules them from working with us in a timely manner (thus endangering the animal).  



We help families with pets who have fallen on hard times, who may need help with medical care, food, litter supplies due to unfortunate circumstances that arise in families.  We help in hopes that you will not have to give up your pets to your local animal shelter because you needed a little help for a couple of months. 




Fredo Helping PAWS in Need Animal Rescue Inc. is a 100% volunteer based organization. That means all your donations go directly into helping the dogs and cats we rescue in distressful situations.  

Chrissy Pistone
Tommy Pistone III
Tiger Tom Pistone



Tiger Tom Pistone and his late wife, Crystal, Tiger Mommy, are our inspiration! Tiger Mommy is no longer with us, but is in our hearts and every animal we save. She taught us to love animals with her loving gentle nature. We miss her like crazy but know she's with us as we save these precious animals.

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