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Animals Available for Adoption.

Each rescue that comes in is evaluated and worked with in a home environment.  They are healed when they have medical issues and are deemed healthy by a veterinarian before being made available for adoption.  We request that all potential "parents" requesting to adopt one of our rescues fill out a form that we then evaluate. We will discuss the adoption with you and make sure you are a good fit for these wonderful animals that we have loved as if they were to be our lifetime companions.  We do have stringent adoption procedures. These animals have often come from abusive situations and we will guarantee that they will never be in that kind of environment again. We will check your background and your references. We want to be sure that the homes that these lovable animals go to are as loving and comforting as they deserve.  Only animals that have been in our possession and that formally go through our adoption procedure will be spayed or neutered and will be current on all shots. Please contact us for more information.


On any of our picture slide shows on this site, clicking on the picture will open the picture to a larger window, click it again and you will see the original size for a better view.


Our most recent Adoptions are communicated by Chrissy on our Facebook Page, please go there for the latest information. Thank you for your support!


Belle was left by her owners when they moved. Abandoned she mourned them. The neighbor next-door called animal control and they set a trap to catch Belle. She was in that trap for three days before the animal shelter rescued her and called us. We saved her from the kill list. She's a lovely pet, a labrador mix. She's up for adoption. She is house and potty trained. She loves TV, especially home cooking shows or cartoons.  

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