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Fredo's Story


I'm a Pit Bull and Lab/Boxer mixed. 


I am almost 2 years old Father's Day 2015. 


I almost wasn't born. You see my mom was badly abused and beaten when she was pregnant with me and my brothers and sisters when our owner decided to just toss us away like we we meant nothing to them. Our lives did not matter. They threw us away like we were garbage. 


Actually, come to think of it, garbage goes in a can, we were just dumped on the side of the road.  


You see my mom was used as a fight dog, that's why she had so many scars all over her body. 


One sad, horrible day my mama was left abandoned. She was bleeding from many open wounds that were very infected. She was in such pain. She was starving. Her bones were protruding out. She was emaciated. My brothers and sisters and I, we barely survived. We needed nourishment and mommy wasn't getting the nourishment she needed. All because of a bad owner who decided we were not valuable to them anymore,  Our mama was useless to them. Couldn't make them money anymore. Too sick for fighting. 


So one morning my mommy, with not much energy left in her body to walk, she saw this man and his daughter. The gentleman said "come here baby, come here sweetheart" mama was scared and rightfully so. This nice man brushed his gentle hand across my mommy's face. His daughter hugged mommy and reassured her that nobody's going to hurt her ever again. They took her home, they cleaned all her wounds, they really took care of mama.


Mommy's heart was starting to beat happy again. She was feeling loved and we could feel that too. They gave my mom some fresh water and some food and they even took her to the doctor.


The doctor took one look at my mom and said that she should be euthanized. There was no way of saving her she was just too far gone. The doctor man said that he could do an emergency C-section and get me and my siblings out and maybe, just maybe, he could save a few of us, but not all for sure, the doctor man said.


So this nice man said, no we're not going to euthanize her, so they brought mommy back to their home, they gave her a nice warm bath and that night around 1:30 AM my mother delivered me and my brothers and sisters.


Mommy was very weak she couldn't feed us all. So the kind family decided that they would bottle-feed some of us and this way mama could feed some because she wanted to nurse so badly. She was such a good mommy she wanted to take care of all of us. All 14 of us! We were just too draining for her sucking the life out of her every time we needed something to eat. There we were draining mama to death and she was already physically and mentally drained by the hand that hurt her.


So this family said no, no, no, we're going to help feed these babies. They went out and bought all kinds of little bottles and nipples and pacifiers to teach us how to nurse and they wrapped us in nice warm blankets. They loved us. Wow we were so happy, but still we were worried about mommy. Is she going to make it? She is so weak.


Another loving family adopted our sister to help bottle feed. All the people in the world who knew our story rallied around to help us and love us. All of these people and the kind family, they truly loved us and they nursed us back to health even Mommy was all better. 


We lost a sister and brother a few days later. We miss them. We are all very happy today, we are fed, spayed, neutered, and more importantly we are wanted and needed. We are loved! Now we all have forever, happy, loving, homes all 12 of us.


If we've learned anything out of this experience, it's that spaying and neutering your pets is crucial. Please for the love of animals, report animal abuse. Report fight clubs. You may not think your voice matters, but it does to me and my siblings.


Our mommy was rescued. We were rescued. But we lost mommy a year later. A different breed  dog took a bite out of my mommy's neck and she died within minutes, they say our breed is vicious but that's not true.  


When we are raised with love, we give love. When we are raised to be mean we cause harm. This is true of all breeds. It's not what we wanted to grow up and do. It's what we were taught to know! 


Please stop blaming our breed and start blaming the bad, neglectful owners who did this to our mommy and to us all.  Please share our story and help support to put a stop to the people making us fight like my mom was made to fight.


These bad people need to get a real job, my mama didn't want to fight for them. She wanted to fight for us. Her life was cheated and that's not fair.


Help stop animal abuse in my Mommy's memory.  We miss our mommy.  This is why it's very near and dear to my heart to advocate and to support animals in need.  I want to save them all from abuse, but realistically, I know that's impossible!  But I can and will help one PAW at a time with your help.


Thank you

Fredo and Family. 

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