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We are so busy taking care of the babies here that we find it much easier to update facebook from our phones when we have a few minutes so you will find our recent news on our Facebook page

Goodwinol Products Corporation Helping to Heal Salvato

June 2015

Salvato was suffering from chemical burns and bleeding horribly, he had mange, incisions, burns, and parasites. It was horrible to look at him. He still has a long way to go, but we think he looks awesome in this short period of time!  Our veterinarian had good results from Goodwinol Ointment for mange before so we began using that. Goodwinol is a small, family owned and operated business. Their Facebook page says they love all animals and strive to provide a few quality products for both pets and livestock. They began in a kitchen in the 1950s making the ointment to treat mange on dogs. The original maker of that ointment just celebrated Father's day, he is 97 years old. It is the ONLY thing that would stop the bleeding!

When Goodwinol Products Corporation heard how much their ointment was helping this rescue.  They sent him a large bottle of it.  Their ointment helps him  tremendously and their amazing generous donation of that ointment makes it so much easier for him to get the help he truly needs. The results speak for themselves!  You can see his before pictures on this page, scroll down to Salvato.

Update on mother dog and her pups found under house in Georgia

Elisa Black-Taylor June 2015, Greenville Dog Examiner

This is an update on the mother dog and her three pups recently found and rescued from under a house in Georgia. Matilda, now known as Gitta, and her pups are very sick. Fredo Helping PAWS in need Animal Rescue INC, a North Carolina based 501c3 non-profit needs help with funding to pay for their medical care.


Milo, one of the pups, has the worst case of worms the vet has ever treated. All of the puppies have upper respiratory infections and pale gums, are very anemic and confirmed phenomena. Without proper medical care, they most certainly will not survive.  Carla Pistone, CEO and Founder of Fredo Helping PAWS posted an upstate June 15........


Mother dog and her pups found abandoned under Georgia home saved by NC rescue

Elisa Black-Taylor June 2015, Greenville Dog Examiner

A mother dog and her pups found abandoned under a Georgia home now have a confirmed rescue stepping up to save them. Facebook: Fulton County Urgent Animals FCAS was a very busy thread over the weekend, as the post gained more than 2,000 shares, yet no one stepped up to save this little family.


Matilda and her 6-week-old pups were found under a house in Fulton County, abandoned and left to fend for themselves. When they reached Fulton Animal Shelter, it was learned Matilda is most likely pregnant again, but the vet doesn't believe they are viable. To make matters worse, Matilda is also heartworm positive. This sweet girl needs immediate medical attention for herself, and her pups who are now sick...

NASCAR Racing Legend “Tiger” Tom Pistone Still Winning

Bobby Kimbrough on October 28, 2011


Social media is a great thing and so many great stories are shared through sites like facebook and twitter. Recently we were made aware of one of these stories by our facebook friend, Chrissy Pistone.


Chrissy Pistone is not your normal social network butterfly. Not by any means. Chrissy, in fact, is a big part of keeping racing history alive. We guess you could say that she was born into it. You see, Chrissy is the daughter of “Tiger” Tom Pistone.

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