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This is the Cost of The Miracles We are Making Happen

We like to keep you informed of where your donations are going. As you know, we are a tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization and we are a 100% volunteer shelter. No staff is paid to do any work. The only things we spend money on are goods and services that are directly related to the care of the animals. Each animal we rescue is taken to our most trusted and loving devoted veterinarian for spay or neuter surgery, vaccines, microchip implantation and worm and kennel cough treatments. If they are in need of any other procedure, it is provided as well. Some require major surgery to repair broken limbs while others may need additional rehabilitation time and specific medical care, ranging from respiratory illnesses and skin infections or parasites to heartworm treatments. Medical bills and nourishing them back to good health are the top expenses for us. Fredo Helping PAWS In Need Animal Rescue INC, commits to helping the precious animals we take in. We seek the best quality treatment available. We take no shortcuts. We give the animals a safe environment, professional medical care, lots of love and reassurance. Our goal is to get them healthy so that we can adopt them to their loving forever homes.  Please know we would spend every penny again to save these precious lives!

First Quarter Report: April 2015 (through June 2015)

32 Animals Rescued from Euthanasia

Miracles have cost the following:

Kennel Enclosures for the rescues


Since many of these rescues have come from a situation where they were kept in small cages and they associate that with abuse, we keep them in larger enclosures.   We have purchased 10 such enclosures as well as having enclosures donated to us by Tiger Daddy.   Only one adult dog is housed in each enclosure. Total spent:






Stainless Steel Food and Water Bowls


We use stainless steel to keep from spreading germs and to keep the bowls from being destroyed if we have a nervous chewer in their early days or rehab. Stainless steel can be washed in hot water and soap and not absorb any of the parasites or bacteria that some of the rescues are fighting.


(picture is just an example, not actual bowls purchased)




We always need more bowls, these items are on our Amazon wish list

Verterinarian Services and Medications

Proper medical care for our rescues is by far our highest expense and our number one priority.  We rescue animals in great distress and they often need extensive medical care.  We do as much of this care as possible during normal business hours to avoid costly emergency expenses.


Total care for 32 animals for our first quarter of April to June 2015 was:


$17,854.02  (of this total $2,274.00 was for after hours care)


Clicking on the veterinarian picture will take you to the website of our veterinarian. You may call our animal hospital at any time to verify our level of care for rescues.. 



We have tried many different food blends for pit bulls. Due to allergies they do much better with a no grain, no gluten diet.  We use aproximately $480.90 in food every two to three weeks. Total spent our first quarter on food was:




We always need food, these items are on our Amazon wish list, however there is a better selection of this product available at  

Housebreaking and Puppy Pads


So many of our rescues either need potty training or have extensive skin damage or are in medical rehab and cannot go out in the sun, so we use training pads in all enclosures. We keep a very clean rescue and we use aproximately $379 in pads every two weeks. For the first quarter, we used a total of:


(picture is just an example, not actual purchased)




We always need more pads, these items are on our Amazon wish list

Additional Expenses: Office supplies, background checks, collars, leashes, toys, beds, cleaning supplies, utilities, linens, donation fees from PayPal


All other expenses required to run the rescue included but not limited to:

  • office supplies, licenses and filing fees, background checks 

  • utilities such as the power bill

  • cleaning supplies such as disinfectant and bleach

  • fuel costs from various shelters to rescue when dogs are rescued

  • toys, collars and leashes

  • 100% cotton linens and blankets, dog beds and pillows (beds must be replaced once an animal leaves, if not washable)

  • PayPal fees (charged a percentage of every donation we receive)


Total spent on these items in our first quarter:




We always need more of these items some of them are on our Amazon wish list

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