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Tommy Pistone III, Founder 

B.A. In Sociology & B.A. in Philosophy


Tommy was raised by his grandfather, Tiger Tom Pistone, and his grandmother, Crystal Pistone. From an article on, "Perhaps the grandson who has taken after Tiger the most is his namesake Tommy III. When Tommy was just 18 months old his father passed away, leaving Tiger to raise him and this created an extra-special bond between the two."


Tommy was a pro and legends racer.  He was champion during the 90s for five consecutive years. He worked with his grandfather in legend cars.  He also drove in the Craftsman truck series for a short period.


When his grandmother who raised him became sick, Tommy moved home as did his Aunt, Chrissy, in 1999 to help his grandfather and Chrissy care for Tiger Mommy. She was the only mother he had ever known and loved.  She sadly passed away in 2013.  During this time, Tommy and Chrissy formed Fredo Helping Paws In Need Animal Rescue.


Now Tommy, Chrissy, Tiger Daddy are all three together, with their dogs - their personal dogs and the rescues. Tommy is very passionate about animals and cannot handle animal abuse whatsoever.  He has a daughter, who is his world.  


Chrissy says of watching Tommy working with animals, "He has a natural gift with these animals. I don't know what it is. It is something special. It's like they relate to him and he can tell them to do something and they literally listen to him. I've never seen anything like this. Even a horse will come up to him and put their head down toward him.  Our dogs, the most abused ones will go up and put their heads in his lap.  It's like he's a dog whisperer. It is truly humbling.  I'm in awe of him. He's my hero."


Tommy loves and cares for these rescues and teaches them to "get up" again and that things are going to be okay this time, they are going to be safe.


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